The W. Experience

Wantable (W.) is…a beautiful thing, its a way to discovered new trends in beauty and fashion.  

Each month one of the W. fairies hand-picked fashion jewelry, make-up or intimates, and based on each customer’s preference list, they put together an unique “box” with some of the latest trends in beauty and fashion.  


It’s is simple and fun, go to and select ‘Sign Up’ and select one of the following:  Make-Up, Intimates or Accessories (or you can choose them all). Click ‘Get Started’ and let the fun begin.

I selected accessories and I selected the accessories based on the ones I love or dislike. Continue with the customization until you have answered all the loves and dislikes.


In my accessories box I received a beautiful ring, a necklace, a pair of earrings and a bangle.


My favorite has to be the necklace.  The Lydia necklace is a long silvery chain with triangle and diamond shape pendants.  I love silver jewelry, so this necklace is a great addition to my jewelry.



The Erin bracelet is different, I like it, I just do not love the colors. The bracelet is a beaded cuff with stunning earthy colors.  I would love it it had a darker color, like orange or red. I will enjoy it, I just need to find the right outfit.

IMG_1057 IMG_1058

My second favorite is the ring.  It is beautiful and unique! I have “chunky” fingers so I will only be able to use it on my pinky….but hey, you know I will rock it!


The Beth ring features a silvery design of connecting angled rings. It is a very bold and modern design.  I love it! 

IMG_1062 IMG_1063

Last but not least is the earrings. First I thought they were a bit heavy, but once I tried them on, they were light and beautiful. The Emily earrings are a multi tone drop earring and I believe that it will look fantastic with a summer outfit.


One of the great things about W. -other than the surprised factor- is that if you do not like an item, you can return it and the returns are always FREE. 

You can either select a monthly box $36.00, which mean  that your account will be automatically, drafted every month, for $36.  Or, you can buy a, one-time, box for $40.00.  It takes 5-7 days for the box to arrived.  Once the box is shipped, they send you the tracking number to your email so you can track your box.

I was very excited and surprised when I saw all the great goodies I received in my Wantable Box. 

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