“The teenager’s funk”

Lazy, unproductive, irritable, frustrated, and angry....signs of a Mom Funk. Here's some practical solutions to get out yourself out of it.

Teenagers….Oh Lord!!!! I cannot wait for this phase to be over with.  Bumping heads with my son is not something I particularly enjoy.  He has a way of making me mad in a way that is a combination of anger, sadness and frustration.  Something as simple as wanting him to eat lunch while he is at school, turned into a weird morning fiasco.

A humorous tip that really works to shift from angry mom to  playful mom

Yesterday was the kids 1st day in their new school.  Well, they did not like the lunch in the cafeteria, so I offered to make them lunch boxes.  The girl was fine with that, she even ask to take a brown bag so she can throw it away and does not have the responsibility of bringing a lunch box back home.  So, I offer the boy a brown bag or a lunch box. We all went to Walgreen’s (was on the way home) and purchase some chips and their choice of granola bars, etc. Then we went home and went about our business.

1/4 cup popcorn. Bag. Microwave on High for 3 minutes 30 seconds and listen for the Pops to slow down to about 3 or 4 seconds apart. Put the popcorn in a bowl and spray with oil or butter and salt if desired.  Enjoy not having all the chemical weirdness of the commercial Microwave Popcorns.

This morning, I made brown bag lunches: a sandwich, chips, granola bar and a bottle of water. Simple enough, right!  Well, to my surprised…my wonderful boy…look at me and said; “I am not taking a lunch bag to school.”  I asked him why…his reply; “I don’t want to carry stuff around.”  I was like, well, you have to eat lunch!  He looked at me and said, “Fine, I’ll eat at school.” Now, I know dang well he is not going to eat.  The girl looks at me and said, “Let him be hungry.”

It's not that I'm stubborn, it's just that my way is better.

I could not help but be super angry! I did not yell, fuzz or nothing; all I could do was drive to school…in total silence.  He knew I was mad…I just don’t get why in the hell he cannot carry his lunch bag?  I mean, WTH! The boy plays sports, and he needs to fuel his body.  Am I wrong for wanting him to eat?  I know I am not, but I also remember when I was that age, and food was not that important to me.

my stubborn, but HONEST self. <3

I’ve written about my love for my son, and how amazing he is; and I stand by that.  Is when he gets those stubborn outbursts that he reminds me how alike we are.  Of course, I am older and wiser, and I know what is best for him. He thinks he knows what is best, and in his mind, he struggles to understand why he can’t do just whatever it is he wants to do.  This is just the beginning of that weird teenager stage, when he will attempt to defy any adult that does not agree with his ideas.  So, help me God, I hope that with love, and understanding we can manage to survive this crazy stage.

Decades of experience  pretty sure I should just mount this to her wall and tell her this daily....

What about you, are you dealing with a difficult teenager?


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