The scary time when…


Yeh it's like no I went to the ER 10 times,got mugged,Ran into the most dangerous street gang of all time, andand got my head chopped off.:

The scary time when you realize that your child has discovered the ladies!!!!  What a fearful time!!!  I mean seriously!!! Last Friday was the first time I encouraged my son to go hang our with his oldest sister and some of his friend at the pizza joint, that is literally within walking distance from school, after school…then they go back to the school for the football game. It was the second time my daughter asked to hang our with her friends after school.  She had such a good time the first time, I was OK saying yes. Well, it is  a different ball game when it comes to the boy.

Let me explain why is such a difference between letting my girl hang out after school and letting my boy hang out. My girl is all about her studies, and she has short and long-term goals that occupy her mind and her time. Therefore she is surrounded by high achievers, like herself. In other words, she does not have the time for “boys” and if a “boy” gets her attention, is usually someone as intelligent and centered like her. So, I have no fear that she will do anything that would deter her from achieving her goals. Now, I am not stupid, anything can happen, right! After all she is a teenager!!

Now, with the boy, my boy…how do I start…the boy is extremely handsome and he is a charmer.  So, girls have always been crazy about him, and in the past he did not really care…but now…is quite the opposite!!! Now, he is welcoming the girls, and this mom is freaking out!  The boy can care less about the future, he lives in the NOW and he is extremely carefree. Innocent but carefree and easy to be dared.

So, when I suggested my boy go hang out at the pizza joint with his friends, I figure he would be hanging out with some guy friends. Well, when I picked them up…I saw my kiddo with 3 girls.  All three girls were touching on him, making googly eyes, and very flirty. I immediately felt my blood pressure rising up.  I still acted like the cool mom!!!! Anyways, so, I started digging and listening more…come to find out that the boy is a very sought child at school, like he receives 6-7 notes per day from different girls and all that bologna.

Back to my fears, he is a boy, a boy with sensations that will soon require more attention. Letting him out of my sight is very scary. I have had the conversations with both mu kids about their bodies, about dating, etc…but who the hell knows what can happen when they are all alone without adult supervision. At the same time, I do not want to keep them in a bubble, I want them to experience life.  I don’t fear my son, I am pretty sure he won’t cross the line. But, I do fear his reactions when someone crosses the line with him.

Anyways, today he is going SOLO because his BIG sister cannot go to the football game. So, I tried convincing him not to go, but he had already made plans with his “friends”.  After talking to the hubs, we agreed to let him go. But gosh its scary! Only God knows what happens in the darkness….because that is the thing…they don’t hang our with the people watching the actual game, no, that’s not cool…they find the most remote area and do who knows what!

Well, I hope he uses his best judgement, and I hope he comes to me of his dad if anything is bothering him or if he needs help understanding things.  I hope and pray that he is SAFE at all times and I hope there is a guardian angel protecting his HEART.  Because as handsome as he is, his best quality is his heart. His feelings, his emotions, those are the things I want to protect…but I will be more than naive to expect his heart to be untouched. All I can do is pray…and hope for a little rain…maybe the game will be canceled and I’ll get my boy at home.

Teenage dating can be a difficult phase not only to teenagers but for parents too. Understanding and accepting that it is a new phase the kids have to explore is something we as adults must do. Shutting them down, and having them live in a bubble can only let them get hurt in the long run. Like my husband said: “if he is going to make mistakes, let him make them now”  because now we are here for him, and we can turn a mistake into a lesson.

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