The not-so-good Realtor experience

After having a bad experience with a Realtor this past week, I decided to ask this question in an article: Is your Realtor working for you, or their own pocketbook? #realestate

The not-so-good Realtor experience. 

Good news: 

  1. House in SC sold
  2. House sold in 4 months
  3. We only have one mortgage now
  4. We feel better now

Not so-good news:

  1. Our Realtor was also the Realtor for the buyers.
  2. Our Realtor was not very forthcoming with all the forms she asked us to sign.
  3. Our Realtor showed a very intense interest in helping the buyers, and not so much the sellers.
  4. Our Realtor was not honest with what was going during the final steps of closing, at the point that we ended up having two different Law firms, dealing with our papers, and we have yet to know WHY.
  5. Our Realtor kept stating that, we as sellers, needed to fix some minor cosmetic issues in the house. I stayed firm, and told her that we were not spending any additional money in the house (mind you, we lower the final cost of the property and we ended up paying all closing costs), yet she kept pushing.  I REFUSED, and she insisted that she knew somebody that could do the work cheap.  I guess she forgot that I met her boyfriend, who is a “handy-man” and who is the person she had in mind to fix the cosmetic issues in the house.  None of the issues they wanted it us to fix, prevented the buyers from moving into the home.
  6. Our realtor stated that she witnessed my husband signing some documents, when in fact, she never met my husband.

I believe that I have reasons enough to write a poor review.  I am very comfortable saying that Sheila Bell, with ERA Wilder Realty, was not a good Realtor. 

Lesson learned: Next time I have a realtor, I will request that the realtor do business just with me and not with the seller/buyer (which ever apply).  I will take my time and the realtor’s time, to discuss every single line in every single form, before I agree to sign anything. 

Honesty is defined as the quality of being honest. Honest is defined as “free of deceit and untruthfulness; sincere of something.”

Ethics definition: “Moral principles that govern a person’s or group’s behavior.”

It is my humble opinion that Sheila Bell was not ethical in her practices.  I am not a satisfied customer. Although our home in SC was sold in a timely manner, dealing with the Realtor was not a positive experience. 

I will NOT recommend Sheila Bell to anyone!!!! Again, this is my opinion, based in my own experience dealing with this person in the state of South Carolina.


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