The ending of my Saturday…


#10 and #5:

Last Saturday was totally filled with baseball.  My baseball player plays for a travel team, very competitive and very stressful at times.  So, my husband decided to have him also play rec ball, because he wanted our son to still have fun while playing baseball.


So, this Saturday we had a tournament with various rec teams in the county.  My son is the “star” of his rec team, and he was pitching A LOT (I was not happy about it, but the boy felt he needed to do it, he needed to help the team).  So, needless to say we started at the baseball field at noon and we did not make it home till almost 11PM.  Sadly, the tournament was not well-organized, therefore it was a hurry up and wait kind of Saturday.


In between games we decided to have a quiet lunch at O’ Charley’s’.  It’s been so long since I had O’ Charley’s I did not even know what to order…all I kept thinking was about the blackberry mojitos I used to have the O’ Charley’s in SC.  JJ wanted some fried chicken (the only way he would pig out on chicken…it has to be fried).  We all got our delicious food and we even got a pie.

The games were lost, but my son did amazing.  He pitched great and he connected at bat as well.  Sadly the defense was not there for the team and they ended up losing both games.  We had fun, we got some sun, and best of all, we spent the whole day together as a family.  We knew it was probable the last time our boy would spend with his rec team, since we are scheduled to play tournaments with his travel team, things go back to reality.  Lots or hard-core practices and time at the baseball fields.




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