The end of a chapter means the beginning of a new one…I quit my job!

This is so true! My husband and I are about to begin our new journey as we head south to Florida next week! We are very excited!:

It’s official! My last day at work will be April 15, 2016.  It was my decision!  When you get up in the morning and you dread going to work.  When spending time with people for 8 hours a day is not comfortable anymore.  When you can’t find happiness or satisfaction in what you do…then it’s time to look for something else.  I am impulsive, and often times I end up having some sort of regrets (just for a couple of minutes) about the impulsive decisions I make.  But, this time, I listened to that inner voice, I listened to my body, all the signals were there…and I decided enough it’s enough.

It will not be easy, especially because I am very independent when it comes to my finances.  I do have a husband that supports me financially and in every aspect of the word “support”.  He knows how important “being happy” is for me…and this past couple of months I have not been in my happy place.  The truth is, I really miss working with children.  I miss working with families.  I believe that there is something about me, some sort of extra compassion and empathy that allows me to be a good listener and to offer good ideas, comfort and reassurance to people, people genuinely like me (well, for the most part…you either love me or hate me…there is no in between). So, I am looking into getting back to work, in a place that I can surround myself with the innocence of children.

It was hilarious to see my kids reactions when I told them that I turned in my resignation. From a hug to a high-five (and I thought they were going to freak out), they were both excited.  I asked them why they were so happy.  They both replied that they have not seen me happy in a while…and they knew it was the job.  Don’t get me wrong, I work with really good people.  Is the type of work…I am not meant to be seating at a cubicle ALL DAY LONG!!! I cannot be trapped (I think my zodiac is to blame for that one, after all I am a Gemini).

I have a couple of interviews lined up.  I also have some health issues I cannot ignore. I have a visit from my mom in a couple of days. I also have a drive to SC at the end of the month.  So it is fair for me to believe that quitting my job was meant to be, like destiny was already written.  I am not scared, I am sort of at peace…still freaking out a little bit about not making my own money, but not too worried.  I know God has a plan for me…I just have to be patient and let life flow. 

So, at almost 42 I am starting all over again…perhaps a new job, or the decision to be a stay at home mother.  We just have to wait and see when my new chapter starts.  I enjoy blogging, not only as a hobby, but I do genuinely like to write…my writing is not perfect but is something I honestly enjoy…and if I stay home I can do more and more writing. In the meantime I have roughly two weeks…then I will start writing my new chapter in life.  So, stay tuned…you never know what you are going to find here…another adventure from this Latin Mama living in the South.



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One thought on “The end of a chapter means the beginning of a new one…I quit my job!

  1. If you were not happy at your job you did the right thing. I also did it! And changes are always good for you. Wish you the best my friend!

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