The Crazy Girlfriend…

There are plenty of guys out there unfortunate enough to be stuck with ‘psycho chick’. Guys who are intimidated and downright scared of their girlfriend.  It wasn’t always this way. Psycho chick seemed so sweet and nice in the beginning, but it’s usually right after you first have sex with her, that she takes a turn for the worst!  Here are the signs that your girlfriend is a psycho.:

Today I was reading some blogs and reading some quotes on Pinterest and I was like WTF!!!  What is up with all those crazy girlfriends? I guess there might be some crazy boyfriends out there too, but today it was all about the crazy girlfriends.

First of all why do you want a boyfriend if you have issues…and I mean deep issues…like if you lack self-confidence, if you are crazy jealous, if you are the type that justify all your moods and behaviors on the so-called “I’ve been cheated on”…then stay SINGLE!!! Unless you can put those things behind you, engaging in a relationship is not going to do you any good. It will be quite the opposite! It will make you more miserable and it will make that poor guy regret ever meeting you!

Second, why do you have to claim him, like he is a piece of property? How about learn to respect the other person’s individuality and space. He is not a piece of property, he is a person with feelings, emotions, and a life of his own. If he chooses to share some of his life with you, then enjoy it…don’t become obsessed about every breath the poor guy takes. Is almost like the crazy girlfriend needs to know what happen in the life of the guy every second of every day (just to think about that makes me tired!) Crazy!!!!

Are you a detective? Are you searching for clues? For things to satisfy your “suspicions”…why the heck do you care about getting his passwords, access to phone and email? Check his wallet? WOW!!! How can you even have a life when you are so busy looking for flaws and issues you have created in your own mind. Stay Single!!!!

Crazy girlfriend there is hope for you! Yes, learn to love yourself, learn to genuinely forgive those who hurt you. Build yourself up, from the ground, don’t start in the middle…completely build yourself up. Learn to be alone, to love your life, to satisfy your own needs and desires without having to have a person with you. When you find yourself in your happy place, when you feel you do not need the company of another, when you are capable of taking care of yourself, then put yourself out there, then let life and love come to you…until then…stop setting yourself up for failure. 

Love is peaceful, perfect, secure, untamed, trust, individuality, respect, self-respect, joy, laughter, companionship, silence, unspoken words, timeless, careless, it just is…

I can’t deal with that drama…just my opinion…

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