The battle continues…


I had such a horrible weekend…I don’t think I’ve been this sick in years. It feels like a nasty head cold, then I think it may be the flu, then I think who cares, I just feel like crap. Fever, stuffed nose, body aches, cold sweats, headache, sore throat I mean I am the definition of sick.

I really tried to be up beat Saturday and hubby and I watched TV and hang out but Sunday…Oh Sunday I spent all day in bed and I was not even comfortable. Finally I asked hubby to pick up some Afrin from the pharmacy and when he came back from baseball practice I squirt some Afrin in my nose and I began to feel some sort of relief. The pressure in the head area was unbearable!

I was feeling so bad I did not even bother to get online or watch TV….around 8PM I sent my son a text asking him for a ham and cheese sandwich, I knew I had to eat something, so he comes to my room with two sandwiches, and as soon as he walked through my door he said: “No mayonnaise, that’s bad for you”…I was like, is he serious? Sure enough I had two ham and cheese sandwiches without mayo! They were heavenly, after not eating anything, my body needed some solid food…those were the best ham and cheese sandwiches EVER.

I hate been sick, it worries the whole family, is like time stands still when mama is down. Not cool! So, this morning I woke up feeling a bit better, I was able to sleep all night, covered in sweat but I slept. So, I made the kids breakfast, drove them to the curb and then came home to get writing. As I seat here, I can feel my cool, clammy skin, and my ears are stuffed, my nose is stuffed and my throat is sore. I don’t want to abuse the Afrin but it seems that I can function when I have a cleared nose!!!

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