Thank you Pinterest!!!

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Man, do I love me some Pinterest!!! Specially all those yummy recipes.  I got the idea from Pinterest, but the recipe was all my own!!! Thanks Pinterest!

Yesterday was a busy day for me, so as soon as I got up in the morning I decided that I was not making dinner, that we would grab something on our way back from the baseball fields. So, I started browsing through Pinterest and I came upon a Smothered pork chops recipe…and I was like, well, maybe I can fix dinner before baseball practice. I left work at 3PM, and I stopped at Wal-Mart, grabbed some ingredients needed for the recipe, and headed home.

Once I got home, I started unloading the bags…and immediately realized that I was going to end up rushing through the process.  Needless to say that the pork chops turned out GREAT!

I paired the chops with some white rice and friend plantains.  It was a success!!! Even Janie, who does not eat rice loved it!  The gravy was so delicious. Next time I plan on adding Portobello mushrooms, that would be even tastier!

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