Sweets Overload…Love Pinterest recipes!!! They always work for me

My lovely daughter is totally crazy about sweets…so after Thanksgiving she expects this sweet extravaganza, so today, I searched Pinterest for easy, cute sweet recipes. Below are my selections…I know my teenager is going to be happy with the sweet treats I plan on making for my family.

Easy Santa Cupcakes. This kids food craft is perfect for a cookie exchange, a school holiday party, and leaving out for Santa on Christmas Eve. Steps on Frugal Coupon Living.: http://www.frugalcouponliving.com/2014/12/09/santa-cupcakes/

Christmas Cake Pops.:


Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Christmas Trees ~ a fun, kid-friendly project for the holidays:


No Bake Peppermint White Chocolate Cheesecakes (with White Chocolate Peppermint Dipped Mini Oreos) - these are AMAZING!! Easy to make and they have the perfect texture and flavor.:


Get your holiday party poppin’ with this cinnamon roll pinwheel pop recipe. They’re like cinnamon roll cookies on a stick! Yum! Tie them up with a cute, red bow and they’re ready to wow your crowd.:


Super-Cute Holiday Treats--This festive time of year calls for a little something sweet. Our fanciful desserts are small in size, but sure to make a big impression.:


make Santa Claus pancakes on Christmas morning:



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