Super Bowl Opinion

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton dabs for the crowd after scoring a touchdown during the second half against the Tennessee Titans at LP Field on Sunday.:

What happened to my Panthers? I must say, congrats to the Broncos and all their fans. I just recently started enjoying football. In Puerto Rico, the main sports are baseball and basketball, therefore Football was not my thing. However, I have always been a kind of girl who enjoy watching sports, all sports. So, been that I have been in the United States for over 15 years, I figure it was time to pick my teams.  I love the Carolina Gamecocks and I love Carolina Panthers and I also have a sweet spot for the Patriots and the NY Giants. 

So, obviously, I watched the Super Bowl, and I was so certain that the Panthers were going to come on top. But, after watching the first quarter, I found myself asking out loud…What happened to the Panthers?  Needless to say that I have nothing but respect for Manning and the rest of the team, they played excellent, powerful, they were in it to fight for that trophy.  The Panthers, on the other hand, were not in it…they look star-struck, they did not do anything right! They were not fighting like they should’ve…they had a horrible night. 

Having said all that, I am a Panthers fan. I believe that Cam Newton is an amazing athlete…young…with amazing physical abilities.  I think he lacks maturity, the kind of maturity that only comes from life experiences.  His reaction to the loss was a bit undesirable, but hey, it was a loss…he is an emotional guy and that was all he brought to the table at that particular time.  I don’t judge him…I just hope he recovers from all that is happening around him, push forward and come back even stronger next season. The team is young, the fans are there, I believe next year Carolina will be in it again.

I also think about the media, the terrible media, that does not waits a second to make $$$ from someone’s’ mistakes, tragedies, sad moments, etc.  It’s our fault! We are the ones that tune in, we are the ones who comment when they have something despicable to say…we create and give power to the media, and in return, the media end up destroying humanity.

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