Sunday Morning Coffee. Make Sunday special again

Oh, what a peaceful Sunday!  Seating in my living room with my honey, watching TV, and just chilling.  Kids are still in bed, I prepared their Easter baskets and placed them near their beds, so they can be surprised when they wake up.  The are teenagers, therefore, the whole egg dying stuff is not something the do anymore.  I believe that they did not even expect baskets today, so that is going to be a super cute surprised for them.

Jason and I are not church goers, but we do have a  strong faith in God.  We believe! We do not go around harming others and we try to help the less fortunate every time we can. Our lives are simple enough, and we are content about that. I do not believe that I should go to church just because its Easter…I actually have an opinion about those who only go to church on Easter…but, I will keep that opinion to myself.

In a couple of hours, the idea is to get prepared for the week ahead.  Last week was difficult because I was not prepared.  As of today, all laundry is done, meals planned (at least until Wednesday), clothes picked out and ready to be iron…and the house is tidy. Still, waiting for the baseball coach’s email stating the schedule for this week.

Oh, did I mentioned that we have a visitor coming this weekend?  Yes, my brother-in-law is coming to visit Jason for Jason’s birthday.  I am happy, those two love each other like crazy and it’s been a few months since they spend any time together. Another great thing is that he will get to see JJ play some ball…it promises to be a good weekend.

Well, that is all for now…more to come later.  Happy Easter and spend it with the ones you love. May your week be awesome!!!!

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