Summer Teens=Birthday Parties

Summer is approaching and with that, I get the sudden realization that I have two teenagers with birthdays in June 28 and July 14. I am trying to convince my daughter to have a birthday party with her brother, it will save some money and it will also be a one day ordeal. I was browsing Pinterest and I found some awesome ideas to keep the teens entertained and of course food has to be simple and plenty, so burgers and hot dogs, chips, drinks and watermelons would cover that.

Some of the games that the teens can play outside are twister, water balloons, donut eating contest, neighborhood scavenger hunt…I mean those are pretty cool games to keep them entertained. I want it to be fun and filled with laughter. I know my girl wants to have her friends over for a sleepover and that’s fine…I just need her to be OK with having the birthday party with her brother.

Obviously we’ll have two different cakes, having a sibling party on the same day does not mean it has to all look the same. It has to be personalized individually. I recall having a party for the kids when they were little at a part. I rented a big area and I decorated half with pirate stuff and the other half with flowers and ferries…it was a success and it was super fun.

Now that the kids are older, it seems a lot harder to please them with birthday celebrations. I am assuming they want to celebrate…but I would not be surprised if they both scratch my party idea 🙂 I have to wait till they get home to see if they are on board or if there is no more birthday parties at the Alexander’s house. Either way, I will let you know what decision is made this afternoon.

When are kids too old to celebrate their birthday with birthday parties?

Let me leave you with some pictures of some of the kids birthdays…











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