Bird Watching


Looking out the window, looking at the beautiful birds, as they come and go getting some seeds in their tummies. Who knew bird watching could be so relaxing? Well, I woke up this morning and to my surprised, before my honey left to work, he opened the blinds. The first thing I saw was two beautiful doves grabbing the seeds that fell on the ground. For me…is just mesmerizing…relaxing…and it makes me smile every single time.

Yesterday, when my son came home from school, he opened the door all excited about a beautiful bird, standing on the neighbors fence, with a white tummy a red-head and white wings…we both rushed to the back of the house to look for the bird. We could not find it. Then later, when the sun was going down, I was siting in my living room, with the blind open and I saw the gorgeous bird…could not snap a picture to save my life…but it was beautiful and different from the birds I see everyday.

Today I am hoping I can see the pretty bird again, I want to snap a picture to share with my husband and daughter. All I can do is hope, eventually it will show up again…I better have the camera ready 🙂


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