Spring in Mississippi

Hello Spring  Magnolia Merryweather:

I have not been able to figure out Spring in Mississippi.  After living a great deal of years in NC and SC, I expect Lowe’s and Home Depot, even Walmart to carry tomato plants and other veggies.  Well, by this time, in NC and SC, I would already had started my tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers.  Well, I can’t seem to find good-looking plants nor do I seem to find the perfect timing to plant.

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Another issue about Spring in Mississippi, the allergens…pollen is totally different.  One good thing, I guess, is the fact that it rains like crazy, so the pollen washes away.  One day is sunny and perfect and then all of a sudden, at night, it gets stormy and crappy.  Don’t get me wrong, I am OK with a little rain…a little…not the massive rain we get in Mississippi.  To top it all up, Memphis drivers do not know how to drive when the roads are wet, they totally panic.


Spring in Mississippi means baseball; and that is what I am looking for.  We have one more normal weekend, well sort of normal (the boy has baseball practice Thursday thru Sunday), then we have our 1st tournament.  The only thing I am concern is play time.  We have so many players on our team, I know that the play time is not going to be like other years.  I just hope that JJ gets some play time while my mom is visiting.  I am looking forward those endless days at the ball field, surrounded by young boys, giving it all to make a good play.  


Spring also brings the Farmer’s Market, and that, I have to say I do love.  The Hernando Farmer’s Market is awesome to get home-made goodies, but what I do love is their veggies.  I cannot wait to get up early Saturday morning to get the goodies nature has to offer.  What is better than purchasing goodies from people like you, people who work hard to make an earnest $$$ to support their families, while I get to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

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