Spring Break, REALLY!

"Wish I was in the land of cotton, old times there are not forgotten. Look away, look away, look away. Dixie Land"

WOW, this is our first Spring Break in Mississippi…yes, you read it right….SPRING BREAK!  Unbelievable!!! Who does that? I mean Good Friday is on April 3, yet SPRING BREAK has officially started for my kids in Southaven, MS.  What the hell am I supposed to do, to keep them entertained? Yesterday, it was the end of our latest winter storm.  Snow in on the ground….and ice…and its Spring Break.

I think school officials have some screws missing in their heads.  Think about this: The kids have missed a whole lot of days, due to the weather.  The school district had the option to actually make up those snow days during a couple of days during the infamous Spring Break week.  School district officials, allowed the school staff to decided whether to make up those days during Spring Break or on Saturdays.  Only those two options because, for some weird reason…the state does not allow to extend school days…WHATEVER!

So, school staff decided that students will make up those days on Saturdays. I mean who cares if children participate in extra-curricular activities on Saturdays, right? Who cares? No one cares, but those whose children participate in sports and such things.  I wonder how many kids are going to show up to school Saturday after Saturday. I mean was it unreasonable for school to make up those days during Spring Break? What the hell…really what the hell! 

The perfect solution would have been to add one or two extra hours of instruction on a weekly basis, until they reach the mandates “instruction time”. But, no, they did not go for that.  I can really care less, at the end of the day, I will not change our plans to accommodate a decision that was solely made by school staff….I mean, parents could have been included in the decision-making process. But, no, they decided on their own.  I hope plenty of kids show up…because I know A WHOLE LOT of them will not show up every given Saturday.

Anyways…that is my rant of the day!  

Two things I am hating about Mississippi: 1. the weather and 2. Spring Break.


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