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abandoned southern plantations for sale | Oak Plantation- an abandoned plantation in Louisiana... dream entrance:

Have you ever explore the South?  Have you read about it? I am pretty sure that you all remember all the historic events that took place in the southern part of the United States.  Well, I am obsessed with old plantations and country roads.  Nothing excites me more than driving on a country road and all of a sudden come upon a beautiful plantation home.

So, this year, we cannot go on our week-long beach vacation due to my hubby’s job and the fact that JJ is super busy playing baseball.  Last night J mentioned that he took some days off during the Father’s Day weekend and he asked me to plan something, like a weekend get away.  The problem is…I do not plan…I hate plans! I rather start driving and spend the night in a small place, after all, all I need is a bed to re-charge the batteries for a couple of hours and then go exploring some more.

I started doing some research. Since we are in Mississippi, for now, we have talk quite a bit about New Orleans.  J is adamant about taking me to Bourbon Street.  So, I figure, well, we can drive to New Orleans and stop on the way to see some of the historic sites in MS, like Vicksburg.  Maybe spend a night in Vicksburg and then continue on to New Orleans.  Sound good, right? Well, as soon as I started reading and researching New Orleans…I was like… “There is so much to see in New Orleans, why stop in Vicksburg?” 

I am inclined to drive straight to New Orleans, then last night as I am trying to sleep…I kept trying to imagine what would be exciting for the kids in New Orleans…and I could not come up with anything.  Then I remember our last summer vacation, last year, we spend a whole week at the beach, and they were not excited it about it.  So, that cleared that…I am not going to care too much about making the kids happy, because they are TEENAGERS…which means that nothing we do will make them completely happy.  That settled my mind and I was able to go to sleep.

Today, I have to book hotels and decide which plantations to explore…I know for sure I will go see Oak Alley Plantation, I must walk through the 28 oak trees that frame the plantation home.  Here is the link so you can see how magnificent the place is .  I also want to see St. Joseph Plantation, a sugar cane, family owned, plantation.  Here is also the link so you can see for yourself Those two are on top of my list. 

Exploring those plantations does not come free, most of them charge $20.00 per adult and around $10.00 for children.  I believe is worth it!  When you think about all the hardships, dangers and fascinating things that took place at those plantations, so much history, good, bad and ugly…you can’t help but feel transported back in time.

I fell in love with plantations and old homes in Charleston, South Carolina, where they have the most beautiful plantations you can possible imagine.  It would be something different for my family, and I am thrilled to start that adventure.  I will definitely try to soak it all in so I can share it with you all at a later time.  I will also take as many pictures as I can for those of you who live to far to explore the southern part of the United States.

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