Some of my memories while enlisted in the ARMY


What Veteran’s Day means to me…

To me as a veteran, Veteran’s Day is a day to remember all the young men and woman who signed up to protect the United States of America.

I remember meeting people from all over the world who served this country.  I met people from Russia, Africa, Mexico, Columbia, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and many more places, who wore the same BDU’s as people born in USA.  They all have different reasons for joining the service. They all wore the uniform with pride, they all believe in what they were defending and they were not ashamed of sharing their story.


The three US soldiers, from Africa, were always smiling and their English was very hard to understand.  They all excelled at any physical challenges and they did so with the biggest smile ever. The Hispanic soldiers were physically fit as well. Most of them struggled with understanding the English language.  We all loved what we signed up for, we all love the brotherhood.

The brotherhood I experienced, while serving in the Army, is something I have not been able to find anywhere else.

Here I will mention some of my own experiences as a Hispanic female in Basic Training (feel free to laugh):

  1. Going to the chow hall was always challenging for me…something as simple as asking for a boiled egg….How did I ask for that? …Can I please have a hard egg!!!!
  2. Cadences…well most of the soldiers already knew most of them…me oh no!!!! So how did I pulled trough…I faked it! Yes…I looked as I was calling cadences when in fact I was just faking it!
  3. OMG…Shower time…who in the heck shower with other people around you? Well, not me…in Puerto Rico I showered alone!!!! So, in basic training and AIT…we had open showers.  It did not matter whether you jumped in the shower first or last…there was always someone next to you…not my favorite experience I must add!
  4. Running….Who in the heck runs at 4:30 in the morning, with a temperature of 25 degrees….I mean at the end of the run we all had popsicles hanging out of our noses J
  5. One thing I struggled a lot was the immature soldiers who did not understand the concept of “attention”…I mean why did they felt the need to wiggled around, smile and laugh, even talk!!!! That was the main reason my platoon would be smoked! I mean I was 25 years old when I was in basic training and dealing with 18 year old kids was difficult.

Those are just a few of my funny not so funny experiences while in basic training and AIT.  I loved our military.  For me, wearing that uniform was a symbol of how thankful I was to be in such a beautiful place.  God Bless the US of A.




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