Social Media is very, very entertaining

This is what makes being on Facebook difficult.  Facebook and Facebook friends want you to make your personal life public.:

I have to say that people keep it very entertaining while doing their social media.  I mean, I post a lot of crap (well, not crap for me…but a lot of stuff)…mainly positive crap, happy times, and opinions and photos of my kids and my life so my family in PR can be part of it. However, some people post their family issues for the world to see, then they wonder why people feels entitled to comment about it.  How about keep your dirty laundry at home? I am not interested, but if you post it, I will find some humor in it and will go with it…

What about this You Tube generation? My teenager does not even watch TV anymore, it’s all about You Tube!  I must admit I have used You Tube in the past, mainly to look up recipes that are somewhat complicated…and my hubby likes to watch some funny videos every once in a while. I just don’t really care for it!

Then there is the BLOG world….I like to write, I did it a lot in college (in Spanish of course) and it has been something I have always enjoyed.  I remember doing everybody’s’ essays, for free, just because reading and writing is one of my passions. So, blogging for me, is not about making money, is about writing out loud what I have in my head. Sometimes good, sometimes bad and sometimes ugly. 

Twitter, that one is kind of fun, like a spur of the moment kind of thing. I rarely post or even go on it, but when I do, man I catch up on some crap that leaves like, WHAT!!!!  LOL!!!  

Whatsapp, is the one I use with my cousins, because we are totally crazy about each other and a couple of friends.  

Pinterest is my to go place when I want to look up a new recipe, and I like what people post in there…love the quotes…and the variety of DIY.

Social Media for me is just an entertainment. Something I do when I am bored out of my mind. With the exception of FB, FB is my connection with my mom and my family back home. So, FB will be the one that I will never give up, for as long as my mom and family in the island are part of it. 

So, Social Media thank you for keeping me entertained with people’s drama, adventures and BS.

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