Snowy Day in the Mid South

It was 6AM when my phone rang.  It was the kids school, to inform that school was cancelled for the day.  I decided to get up to take Lucky outside, when I saw the ground covered with snow.  It was snowing!  Lucky, reluctantly, stepped outside not knowing what to make out of the fluffy white stuff.  After sniffing around, she was excited, she started playing with the snow, she tried to catch snow flakes as they were coming down, it was super cute.

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I was not necessarily expecting snow.  After all, the weatherman has been wrong so many times, when he mentioned that there was the possibility of some flares, the nigh before, I totally dismissed him.  Needless to say that I stayed inside all day, the kids were thrilled, and Lucky was eager to go outside to potty more times than ever.

Happy Snowy Day y’all!!!

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