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This year is my year…no doubt!  Every year for the last 10 years I get into this crazy funk that I will lose all the post-marriage weight.  Well, this year was no difference.  Well, a little different…I decided to do it the right way.

First of all I enlisted the help of my family.  My husband is away from me at the moment, however, he is working on his eating habits while we are apart.  My son, who has always been mindful of his body and physical fitness, is my #1 support.  He is my motivator, we signed up for the gym, and he decided to give junk food a rest.  My daughter, who hates any and all physical activity, agreed to go to the gym with me twice a week. She also has an addiction to sugar, and yes, I say addiction…because we have to call it how it is!

In the past, I either worked out, or diet…but never did both at the same time.  So, as soon as I got back from my trip to Puerto Rico, I started making some small changes.  One of the main changes I made was giving up mayonnaise.  I love Hellman’s mayonnaise so much is not even funny, I even added the darn thing to my rice!!!  Another cut back is the bread intake…I eat bread, but very seldom.  I am not eating any sweets…if I am about to cheat, I grab a small piece of chocolate…but I have to be desperate! A BIG change…eating small portions!!! I call it a big thing because I love to eat what I cook, and when I serve my plate I usually get whats left on the pot!!! Not anymore!!!

Then there is the gym…the infamous gym…I am not going to lie…I was nervous and ashamed…but since I had my son next to me, I had to man up and go through the first day at the gym.  Once we started working out, I was in heaven.  I also get three (3) sessions with a personal trainer, and that helps me get started on the right foot.  So, first session with the trainer and based on my abilities, I will be doing 20-30 minutes of cardio every day, and then I will alternate weights.  The cardio part is a bit tricky because I cannot run, so I decided to use the thread mill and go on the highest incline I can tolerate without losing my breath.

So far so good, the incline side of the thread mill is no joke…the machine goes as high as a 15, I started at 8 on the first day and now I am on incline 10, did a few minutes on 15.  The interesting thing about using the incline, is that you are working out your entire body. I mean, at the end of my 20 minutes…I am literally feeling every muscle on my body.

Like I started saying, making small changes, and the first week I lost 2 pounds…and I am very excited about that.  The idea is to go 6 days a week, and to continue learning to cook healthier, better recipes for the entire family…I know at the end is going to pay off.  The goal is to lose weight, get to a comfortable number…not to go back to what I once was…I just want to be in a comfortable size/area for me…I am doing this for me…not for anyone else.

For ideas of exercises you can do at home and healthier versions of some of your favorite recipes, you can always go to Pinterest. There I’ve been able to find all kinds of Latin recipes modified to fit a healthier lifestyle.  Please don’t forget to push the water and to control your coffee intake.  Oh, talking about coffee…I am no longer using creamers, I am using half and half and a calorie free sweetener (stevia) to make the coffee a bit tastier for me.

That is my new life…to a happy new me…because I deserve it!


Latin Mama in the South


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