Sleepless in SC…

you can't sleep,me either, Let's can't sleep together - chengyantan

Too much time in my hands now that I am a stay-at-home mom.  Too many mushy things in my head.  

I keep telling myself….    Stop thinking so much. It's ok not know all the answers:). #thinkingtoomuch #relax

But, is not working….I need this month to move fast…I need to be settled in my new space before Christmas.

Let me say a little prayer, that always help, I need to….Keep calm quote via Living Life at

The weekend will be a busy one and then I will have the week to recover, then get my hubby from the airport and have a busy weekend, busy week, then recover again…and before I know it….

Mississippi is Dill's home state, and when he's not spending his vacation with Jem and Scout in Alabama, he's back at home in the grand old state of Mississippi!

…will be there…

Good night!

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