Sheba Meaty Sticks

Yesterday, I received a package of Sheba Meaty Sticks, courtesy of Influenster.  I received these product free for testing purposes.  I have three gorgeous cats, they literally are part of our family.  We love them, we spoil them and we let them get away with everything. We like to give them treats, specially at night, before bed time.  As soon as they see me walking towards my bed, at night, they all jump in bed waiting for their treats.

Click on the link below so you can see my cats enjoying the treat! The white kitty snapped the treat out of my hand and took off!!

So, when I received Sheba Meaty Sticks, I was thrilled!  I have heard about Sheba Meaty Sticks, but I was set on another brand. Let me tell you something, as soon as the baggy rattled, the kitty cats were at my feet. I tear up one edge and as soon as they were able to smell the meaty stick…they all went bananas!


The meaty stick is thick, smells good and the cats devour it within seconds.  I mean as soon as they felt the meaty stick close to their little faces they started purring and chowing it down. The Sheba Meaty Sticks are made with real meat! They come in six flavors: Salmon, Tuna, White Fish, Chicken, Beef and Turkey. Needless to say I will be buying the Sheba Meaty Sticks, it was so much fun to watch the cats eat the treat…it made me smile big, I knew immediately they were loving it!

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