Shakeology…DAY 3

My Shakeology experience…so far

Granted, this is just day #3 of my Shakeology journey.

Day # 1:  I mixed one scoop of Shakeology (chocolate flavor) with almond milk and ice. I mixed it up in my Ninja.  I hated it! However, I drank every bit of it.  I knew, from the 1st taste, that it was not a product issue…it was an “operator error”.  I also did a little workout at home and follow the recommended foods/measurements from 21 Fix.

Day # 2: Day 2 was better, oh, so much better!!! Instead of using Almond milk, I mixed the Shakeology powder with plain water (that was not a plan, I was just rushing to get to work)…added a couple of cubes of ice…and it was super good!  No workout, other than a quick walk, but then again…the eating is on spot.

Day # 3: OK, I finally did it right!  The key for this new relationship between Shakeology and I…is plain water and the drink has to be at room temperature…and I can DRINK IT ALL DAY LONG J Food has been great…working out not so much!

Sunday night I decided to fix my lunch for the next 4 days. Being at work, all I have is a vending machine with all kinds of sweets and sodas.  So, my lunch this three days consisted of 4 OZ of chicken, mushrooms and asparagus.  I cooked the mushroom in black pepper and red wine vinegar, and added a hint of cayenne pepper, then I added the asparagus to the same pan…and cook it for a few minutes. The chicken was chicken breast and I cook that with garlic, pepper and a tiny drop of olive oil and apple cider vinegar. I placed the chicken in a pan and cooked it cover, on low, until done.  Then when the chicken was done, I portioned all the ingredients into separate bowls, placed the bowls in the fridge and that was it. 

Every morning I take my lunch bowl and place it into my lunch box…then I add my snacks (this week snacks: cantaloupe, strawberries and almonds).

Water intake has been excellent!!!

So, three days of pure success…energy level has improved some, and so far, a great journey!!!


I will keep y’all posted 🙂

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