Sending Hugs to LGBT Community…


It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are. -EE Cummings:

Currently I am trying to get my heart back, I am trying to get the anger away from my heart and to be more tolerant.  It’s very easy to hold on to hatred, in my case, to the Muslims in America.  But, I am old and smart enough to know that I cannot generalized. I know that many Muslims in America are just as hurt as I am.  I know that the person responsible for the Orlando tragedy was mentally ill and he is the only one to be blamed for what happened…well, him and ISIS.

I woke up today, and as I watch CNN, and learn the names of those killed, as a Hispanic woman my heart aches…most names listed are of Spanish descent.  Heartbroken for their families, their friends, their loved ones…May God open the gates of HEAVEN for you all…may the Lord help your families and friends deal with the sorrow and the heartaches. 

If I could hold each victim in my arms, smile at them, show them how capable we all are of loving one and other…if I could only take the fear away from the LGBT community I would.  If I could be there, in Orlando, hugging all those mothers and fathers who lost their child. As a parent my heart breaks for all of you.

Is very easy to let yourself be overtaken by anger and hate…but that is such a heavy feeling…I rather concentrate in spreading the word…LGBT community is a community like mine and yours…they are people like you and me…they love the same way we love, they work, go to school, wake up in the morning and go to bed just like you and I do.  Why is it so hard to understand that they MUST be accepted just like they are? Who are you to judge? Why hate? Why can’t we all understand that there is room in the world for all of us? Why can’t we love one an other and live in peace? Imagine how boring this world would be if we were all the same.

There is plenty to do, donate blood, there are plenty of victims in the hospital. Hug a stranger. Write letters to the victims, show them love and support. Wear their colors with PRIDE.  Light a candle, pray, pray, pray…pray for a better world. Pray for all those directly affected.  Do not hate, do not harbor dark feelings…do not be afraid. 

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