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Well, after all the planning, to get away for Labor Day weekend…Baseball through a curve ball at us and we know have a baseball tournament to attend to, the weekend before Labor Day. So, since the tournament is out-of-town, we will be skipping the Labor Day weekend getaway we were planning. To be honest, I am super OK with that…because we couldn’t decide where to go.

So, this coming weekend will be JJ’s first baseball tournament with his new team. I am excited and nervous because the competition is AMAZING and I know how much my JJ likes to win. He is new to the team, and he always struggle opening up to people, so the coach is working on that with the boy and so are we. Last practice the coach was bluntly honest with JJ (and I LOVE THAT) about how JJ has this “raw, God-given talent” that he needs to polish. Like the coach stated, breaking bad habits is one of the hardest things to do…and that is exactly what JJ needs to do. He will not be catching, the team has two excellent catchers, so I am thinking that due to JJ’s speed, strength and arm, he will be an outfielder. Not my favorite position, but hey, I am not the one playing.

The team is a bunch a great kids, love their attitudes, their desire to get better and the bond they have. This tournament will be in Oxford, MS which is one of my favorite towns in MS. Ole Miss is there and for some weird reason I like that University…not as much as my University of South Carolina, but Ole Miss comes in a close 2nd place. Oxford has so much to offer, great dinning, the live college atmosphere and plenty of youth to make old folks like me feel young again.

We decided to spend the weekend in Oxford, since we do not know what the brackets will be for the weekend, we can save a couple of hours of sleep and rest by staying on a hotel in Oxford. After all, JJ is not a morning person, and when he plays early games it takes him a while to wake up!!!

There is a couple of reason I hate planning: 1. it loses the sense of adventure when there is a “plan”. 2. It bothers me if the so-called “plan” does not happen. 3. Planning is boring and it feels too much like work.

So, here we go, un-planned baseball weekend…let’s have some fun.

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