Say What?


Say What!!!!! How many times have you read an article and your immediate reaction is “Say What”? Right, it happens to me too. My “Say Whats” of the day are:

My first “Say What” of the day goes to the Houston fire, my gosh, I was just listening to the news about Ft. McMurray fire in Alberta, Canada. So sad…what is going on. Now we have a massive fire at a warehouse in Houston, Texas threatening to be a health hazard for the nearby residents.

My second “Say What” of the day goes to Demi Lovato defending her twitter rants. Girl, no need to defense your tweets…hello! Free Country, Freedom of Speech…say what you got to say without the need to JUSTIFY!!!

My third “Say What” of the day goes to Manziel…dude, HELLO!!! Promising career flushed down the toilet. Mental Health is real, seek help and see if you can get your life back together…and while you are at it…take some anger management classes, stay away from girls, and reunite with your family.

My fourth “Say What” of the day goes to the doctors calling for Universal Healthcare. I mean let’s be real, whether you are wealthy or not, we all need healthcare at some point in our lives. We need to be able to afford it. I am not saying give it out free (although that would be awesome), what I am saying is that something has to change. Pharmaceuticals keep charging atrocious amounts of money for medicine needed to save someone’s life. I don’t believe in giving control to the government but in case of those big corporations…I think some intervention is needed for sure.

My fifth “Say What” of the day goes to Trey Potter, student at the Gahanna Lincoln High School, for taking his mother to the prom. What a nice kiddo! His mother did not have the opportunity to go to prom, so he decided to take her to his prom. I bet she felt blessed to have raised such a young men. Kuddos to you Mr. Potter!!!

Those are my “Say What’s” of the day…some good, some bad and some ugly…but “say What’s” for sure!

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