Salmon adventure

Today, I decided to cook salmon for the first time, for my family.  I have two non-fish eating members, who will try it, and I am hoping that they will fall in love with it.  This is my first attempt to cook a healthy meal.  I love cooking and trying new things, but I like my food to taste good, and usually healthy cooking is flavor-less (that is my humble opinion).

I look up some recipes, just to get an idea of how long the salmon will take to cook as well as the temperature I have to cook it in. In the end I chose lemon, lime, dry white wine, olive oil, salt, pepper and rosemary.  I sprinkled the salmon with salt and pepper, added some olive oil, and placed the salmon on tin foil, -made a bag with the foil…and then I poured the wine, added the lime, lemon and rosemary.  Temperature in the oven was 400, and I let it cook, uncovered for 20 minutes.  It was amazing!!!!

I must say that everyone enjoyed it, so salmon came into our home to stay.


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