Road Trip Scavenger Hunt…So fun!



Do you remember as a child playing the “Yellow Car” game while on the road? In PR, we used to locate Volkswagens and we would “Kill Volkys”…it was so much fun!  So, how about creating a scavenger hunt for your road trip.  Make it an age appropriate one.  If you are a Pinterest fanatic, you can search in there.  I am about to go on a road trip in a couple of weeks and I am getting some of the scavenger hunt ideas to entertain the whole family.

My scavenger hunt list will be as follows:

  • Find someone taking a selfie
  • Find someone scratching their butt (have to keep it silly for the teens)
  • Find a palm tree
  • Find a bulldozer
  • Find a Canada license plate
  • Find a license plate with 3 2’s
  • Find a town that starts with the letter “A”
  • Find someone wearing a red hat
  • Find someone dancing
  • Find someone acting like a fool
  • Find a red-headed person in a car
  • Find a corvette
  • Find a “Help Wanted” sign
  • Find someone drinking a Starbucks drink
  • Find someone picking their nose
  • Find someone laughing out loud
  • Find a cow
  • Find a donkey

A scavenger hunt can be so much fun, just create one during the commercials while you watch your favorite show, a couple of days before going on your trip.

Here us a scavenger hunt list from Carla Schauer, I found it while browsing Pinterest!  If you go to her site, link below, you can print it out! How cool is that!

Travel Scavenger Hunt for Tweens from Carla Schauer Designs at

Travel Scavenger Hunt for Tweens

Road trips are so much fun!!!! Get adventurous with your family and friends, you will create memories that will last a lifetime.

Here is another game from Salt and Pepper Moms

Truck Spotting! How cool!

Road Trip Truck Checklist - Kids can look at pictures and check off what they find.:


Make it fun for the entire family!

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One thought on “Road Trip Scavenger Hunt…So fun!

  1. Love Scavenger hunts. We use them on road trips, camping trips and at home. We set them up for the grandkids. We have plastic coffee containers and we put the clues or small items in them and stash them in the pasture or yard. Fun. Love your’s Gotta stay one step ahead of the kiddo’s.

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