Retail Therapy Morning


Today I decided to tackle some shopping. I needed to complete a gift for a baby boy, buy a birthday gift for Janie’s BFF here in MS, and I needed to start shopping for my teenager’s birthday. So, I started at Target…and I spent a whopping 1.5 hours at the store…in one section of the store…woman clothing. My gosh, the clothes they have are so pretty. Love all the pastel and the bright yellows. Love the mix of lace and fun fabrics. Needless to say that I did get an outfit for my girl (and I know she is going to love it!), managed to find her BFF’s birthday gift there as well. I then decided to look at the baby department. One of the most amazing people I met here in MS just had her second child, a baby boy, and I had some things already but I wanted to add something else. So, I found some goodies and now I am ready for baby boy.

After Target, I decided to go to TJ Maxx, because I needed to find some shoes for my daughter’s banquet this upcoming Saturday (yeah, and she told me she needed shoes yesterday). She was very specific about what she wanted. So, needless to say I could not find the shoes at Target or Ross or TJ Maxx. I finally decided to go to Rack Room Shoes, and I bought a pair of nude wedges that are cute, but I am not loving them, so chances are she is not going to love them either. Her dress is black and I figure she’ll wear some silver sandals but she wants another pair of shoes. Have I mentioned that both of my kids are obsessed with shoes? I mean sickly!!! They do get that from their mom. Anyways…I got the shoes and now I have to wait for the girl to come home to see if she approve. If not, I can see some more shopping tomorrow…at least I have Dillard’s and JC Penney nearby, so there is hope!

While at Rack Room Shoes, they were having the normal buy one pair get one half price. So, with a lot of heartache I decided to start shopping for JJ, whose birthday is June 28 (before Janie’s) so, buying shoes for him is a wallet breaker. I mean all he cares is about NIKE…and they are $$$$. So, I did spent a large amount on a pair of NIKE’s and I know he is going to love them. He also scored a couple of NIKE shirts at another store too. So, I am well ahead of the game when it comes to the teens birthdays. Summer kids, birthdays back to back…quite pricy. But, I will do anything for them, what can I say. I rather buy expensive clothes and shoes and no video games…enough said.

So the whole morning was I was shopping for my children and I would not have it any other way. Now that I do not have a job, I do not have any money to spend, I do get an “allowance” (lol) from my hubby, he knows that helps me keep my sanity…so shopping is not as carefree as it once was, and I am OK with that. There is nothing wrong with being humble and aware of ones situation. That was my morning peeps, super thrilled I have some birthday gifts for the kids…excited…I mean 14 and 15…those are big numbers. My babies are growing too fast!!!

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