Reese’s Spreads

Is Reese's Spread the next Biscoff?

Reese’s Spreads the perfect combination of chocolate and peanut butter flavors.  It is Reese’s perfection in a jar.  Enjoy Reese’s Spreads with things like apples, pretzels, on toast or by the spoonful.  The spread is decadent, is rich and super sweet.  I combine my Reese’s Spread with Ritz crackers and the pairing was perfect…just s bite of sweet and salty goodness.

Reese’s Spreads are now available nationwide at various retailers, such as grocery stores, drug stores, etc.  It comes in a 13 oz. jar and the retail price is $3.89.  Start spreading the news…I mean come on, you know you cannot go wrong with Reese’s Spreads…after all peanut butter and chocolate is the perfect combination. Indulge in this goodness!

*I received these product complimentary for testing purposes.

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