Read at your own risk!!!

Society sucks:

Jambalaya of thoughts rambling in my head…so…venting time. Read at your own risk!!!

First of all, how in the hell we go killing people like they are insects? Really, no respect for human life. Then we go justify some nuts actions by saying we ignore mental health issues, or we go hating on guns, or we go hating on Muslims…well, that make us look lie another “NUT”!!!

I am sorry, I was for gun control, like better background checks, etc. But, after seeing how little respect if out there for life, I found myself asking my husband to sign me up for a CWP class. Yes, I will carry a gun, because if someone comes near me or my people, as a threat, I rather go down fighting.

Also, we offer an unbelievable amount of help for mental health patients. Like everything in life, that individual has to want to the help…we cannot force it upon them. Society continues to justify actions. Let’s look back, 20 year maybe 30 years ago…things were a lot simpler…but, we created more technology, social media, label additional behaviors as mental health illnesses, etc. Family values is not as important as it once was; and those families that attempt to carry on with those deep family traditions find themselves fighting Society because when the children compare the structure they have at home with the not so structure family life John Doe has, then you come out as the bad parent, over-protective!

Good families are battling a bigger monster, but, we don’t talk about it. We also have giving the government way to much power over our lives, so, they always feel welcome. Church is nothing but a business! What happen to gathering, study the Bible, help one and other, prayers? Now is all about what church can bring more visitors, who can have the fanciest website, who can raise more money…sad…then we wonder what is happening to the world.

Ok, now I feel better…venting session ended!

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