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Friday morning my son sent me a text, he wrote that his ear was bothering him, his left ear.  I asked him if the pain was bad enough to leave school.  He replied yes, so I left work, picked him up and took him across the street to the Urgent Care.  It was my second time at the Urgent Care this week.  To my surprise, the staff was all new to me, so I was a little bit more aware of them because I have never seen them before.  So, my son’s vital signs were taken, everything look good.  We told the nurse that his complaint was pain on his left ear, she look at his hands and asked what happened.  He did not say anything, so I explained, briefly, that he gets nervous and anxious and bite his nails and the surrounding area.

Then the Nurse Practitioner walks in, take a look at his ears and diagnosed him with an ear infection.  Then she asks what is the deal with his fingers.  I looked at her and explained the same thing I explained to the nurse.  She totally freaked out and started shouting that I needed to take my son to a counselor.  I am already pissed off!!!! I stay silent an extra couple of seconds, then I replied, that the issue has been addressed, that the situation is improving, and that we were handling it.  She explodes again, and this time I snapped…I told her that we were there for an earache not for anything else.  She replied that her duty was to refer my son to see a counselor, I snapped back and say that my son already received help and that I was not interested in her suggestions. 

This is the deal, I understand that she is a healthcare professional and that there are things she needs to address.  I am OK with that…but, if you ask a question and I give you a damn answer drop the issue!  If you feel that you need to continue with the subject, talk to me in private, not in front of a 13-year old, who is obviously uncomfortable talking about the issue.  I was so angry, I felt my eyes filled up with tears…and my son decided to console me….I mean WTF!!!  So, she takes 20 minutes to write a prescription.  Gives me the discharge paperwork, and I read it and I see how she coded the visit as ear infection plus anxiety and nervousness…I flipped out…so I told her…that I was there for an earache not for anything else. She looked at me and said, We talked about it…and I said NO, you talked about it! I made her delete the info…just out of principle! First of all, I already paid $40.00 for the visit and then she was coding for something I was not there for…which means, that the place will send me another bill.  Point is, I know how to look for resources for my kids, I am a good mom and I have provided the healthcare my children need.  She had no business talking about an issue she is not an expert at, and on top of that, she did not have to talk about it in front of my son.

So, I left, mad as hell…get to the pharmacy to get the prescription filled and the pharmacist look at me with a confused look.  She asks me if I told the doctor that my son was allergic to Penicillin (I was like WTH) and I said YES, of course.  Then the pharmacist tells me that the medication the nurse prescribed is known for causing a cross allergic reaction with people who is allergic to penicillin. I was so angry, I told the pharmacist that I would be more than happy to go back to the Urgent Care to face the nurse practitioner again to have her prescribed the proper antibiotics. The pharmacy then mentioned that she could call and have her switch to something else. 

Anyways, bottom line, people need to mind their own business.  They need to listen to the patients and they need to be tactful when addressing issues that can cause emotional distress to the patients.  I am still mad, my son does gets anxious, and his anxiety is about school…something he needs to address everyday and he is working with it the best he can…we do not believe in giving medicine to children, the side effects to all the drugs this damn medical community prescribe our children just so they can fit the mold.  I am perfectly OK with my son, and his good and his bad.  It is OK, he is a happy child, who dislikes school and is doing the best he can to tame his nerves and his anxiety about school. So, how about Society let me be the judge of what is going on with my offspring and mind its own business! 

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