Random act of kindness-My Starbucks Surprise

OMG! I am so excited! This morning my hubby drove me to work, but before he stop at Starbucks. I order my normal Venti Skinny Vanilla Latte and a Bacon-Gouda sandwich….close to $10.00. To our surprised, when we get to drive-thru window, the Starbucks barista tell us that the customer in front of us took care of the bill for us. I was like in shock…like stuff like that never happens to us, I was so excited and surprised at the same time.

So, to the lady who did that random act of kindness, I promise that I will pay it forward in a BIG way. It was very surprising and humbling to have a total stranger do something nice for me. I am like, in cloud 9!

If people would try to do nice things for total strangers, this world would be a better place. Super excited to be experiencing life the way I am. Surrounded by different people, with different backgrounds, likes and dislikes. The world is a better place because we are the most amazing melting pot in the Universe.

Do a random act of kindness…the feeling the recipient feels is amazing!

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