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The other day I came across a paper written by a married woman, totally in love with her husband. She was at a store, and she called her husband because she needed to ask a question. Her husband answered, and dismissed her quick, he was busy at the office. As she walked towards the register to pay for her goods, the cashier complemented her. She was caught off guard for a few seconds, then she kept going about her business. Later on that day, she found herself thinking about that stranger, who complemented her looks. She was confused, she loves her husband dearly, yet her mind kept going back to that moment…with the perfect stranger.

I did not read the entire post, I just imagined her confusion. She has a man in her life that she totally adores and she could not understand why she kept thinking about that strange moment. I guess we all have such a busy schedule we forget how important it is to create special moments. A smile, an extra hug, an extended hug, a courtesy call just to say “I am thinking about you”. Things that are so simple, yet we forget to do!

Here are some ideas of special things you can do throughout the day to let your significant other how important they are in your life.

1. If you pack lunch for your loved one, sneak a sexy note or better yet a sexy picture. Imagine how surprised he/she would be!!!
2. A small text, just to say “I love you”, or “I want you” or, “I am thinking about you”.
3. Take the time to notice the new haircut/hairstyle.
4. Hold hands.
5. Hug more.
6. Dance in the middle of the street.
7. Look at his/her eyes and smile, thank him/her for all he/she does.
8. Caress his/her hair.
9. Let her/him know how much you appreciate them.
10. Lock eyes and smile…let his/her mind wonder…what you are thinking at the moment.

There are so many ways to maintain that fire going…to show love an appreciation for your significant other. The key is to keep fighting, to communicate, and let him/her know of your needs, what’s going on in your head and the things that concerns you.

Communicating with your man/lady can define the relationship. Make it work!!! It does require work.

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