Puerto Rico…My Paradise

This summer our family vacation was moved, from our normal stay in Oak Island, NC, to Puerto Rico.  This time we decided to explore the island a bit more than usual.  We came upon Faro Los Morillos and Playa Sucia beach. We fell in love with this area.  First of all it took three attempts to actually gain access to the place.  

Day 1:  At 4:00PM we decided to see the place, to determine whether we liked or not. We were not prepared!  We parked in the street, we were all wearing flip-flops and we had no water.  We started walking thinking that it would take 10 minutes tops.  We were sadly mistaken…it took us 25 minutes (one way) to reach the water. The walk was very difficult, it was 100 degrees and the terrain was very arid.  The place was beautiful, and yes, it was crowded. We turned around, all sweaty and with no water to drink…we were miserable.

Day 2:  This time we decided to arrive a little bit early…12:00PM.  No luck!  We had our swimsuits one and all the necessary gear to enjoy a day at the beach. However, it was so crowded, that we did not get to park close enough to the beach.  I was not about to expose my family to another walk, so I decided to leave and to try again the next day.

Day 3:  We arrived at the beach at 7:00AM, we were the third family to arrive.  We park within a few steps from the beach. We loved the views, the water was so blue, perfect!  We played in the water for a little while, then it started to get crowded and we decided to walk to the Lighthouse and do some exploring in that area.  

I am sharing some of the pictures we took, keep in mind that I am not a professional photographer 🙂


The Cabo Rojo Lighthouse also known as Los Morillos is located on top of 200-foot limestone cliffs overlooking the Caribbean Sea. The Lighthouse was built in 1881 by the Spanish Government. The views from the Lighthouse are breathtaking. It is a very dangerous area, there are no handrails, the terrain is very arid and the limestone can be very slippery. It is a great spot for amazing photography.



Playa Sucia (Dirty Beach) is not dirty at all. The beach is called Playa Sucia because of all the Sargasso Weed that accumulates on the shore during the months of November through January. Playa Sucia is opened to the general public, but there is no parking, no safety buoys, no shower and no lifeguards. I recommend you take plenty of water because walking to get to the beach is overwhelming. It is a very arid area and the walk can be overwhelming even to the locals. Also, if you want to be able to park close to the beach, you better get there, at least, by 8AM. Otherwise, you will have to park on the street and the walk is 25 minutes one way.

The place is beautiful and it is also very dangerous.  If you travel to the island make sure you make time to spend a day at Playa Sucia.





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