Puerto Rico here I come

Puerto Rico here I come

This time it’s vacation time, the idea is to sit back and relax.  Some of the things I am looking forward to are very simple yet important to me.  I need to need Nehemiah, my BFF’s new baby.  Also I have a few friends, well more like family to me that I MUST see…Cathy…yes, I am talking about you J

Here is a list of the “Things I must do” while in the island:

  1. My brother called a couple of days ago and he made me promised that Sunday (July 20) we will go to the river with him.  I said, yes, although I am a bit hesitant.  I have no clue how my prissy girl is going to react to the outdoors in PR (she was already freaking out knowing that we were staying for 2 weeks…the heat gets to her).
  2. Gilligan’s Island…yes I am from Puerto Rico, I lived there for 25 years…and I never visited Gilligan’s Island.  I am looking forward this trip because I want to see Janie and JJ’s face when they encounter the Iguanas up close and personal (Hahahaha).
  3. Boquerón…I must see a Sunset (maybe a sunrise with my hubby)…Boquerón is located in Cabo Rojo, and the sunsets are amazing in this part of the Island.
  4. I am looking forward eating some yummy octopus.  Octopus is one of my favorite things to eat; I cannot find it fresh in South Carolina, so knowing that I will be able to eat it back home it’s exciting to me.
  5. Lots of family time…Mom, Brothers, Grandmas, Aunts, Uncle, Cousins and friends….the older I get the more I like to hang out with them J
  6. Explore Old San Juan, now this one; we do every single time we go to Puerto Rico (usually once a year or soJ).


So far those are the things that I must do, the list is short, I am not a planner…I am an adventurer and I like to wing it and do what I please when I please…plans for me are sooo boring!!!! So, no plans….just fun, relaxing time.

Time to leave the “desk” behind and recharge the batteries with the family during our fun vacation time in Puerto Rico.



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