Puerto Ricans…friends for a lifetime

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If you know how to respect us, accept us with all the good, the bad and the ugly we will remain your friends for an entire lifetime. For us, friends are family! There is nothing we would not do to assist a friend in need. Years can pass by, and when you see that friend again, is like, no time passed by at all. Yes, more wrinkles, a little bit of weight, scars from life, but same friends forever.

FB has been great reunited friends and families. A while back I reconnected with a friend or friends I met when I was in 6th grade. Friends I have not seen since I was in 9th grade, mind you…I am almost 42 years old!!! So, last night, two of those friends arrived at our home in Mississippi. They drove all the way from New York!!! I was and still am so excited and happy to see them.

I was so thrilled! I finally met their little man Giancarlos, who has the brightest smile, the best happy attitude and on top of that he is so handsome! Little man was not feeling well, yet he was happy and comfortable meeting this new set of strangers. The guy is awesome!!! I am hoping he gets to feel better soon.

Even though they are staying just a couple of days, then they are continuing their vacation adventure all the way to Texas, I plan on enjoying every second I get to be with them. We have so much to gossip, I mean talk about, lol. My lovely Brenda brought me some goodies I cannot find in Mississippi or that I struggle to find. Some Puerto Rican gold, now I can make some Viandas con Bacalao…my favorite Puerto Rican food 🙂


Well, I will post more later…is time to get the day going. We may need to take little man to the doctor now…

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