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What a sad day…

Why so much hate? Why can’t we all get along?

When is it going to stop?

I have an array of mixed emotions.  I was once a soldier in the US ARMY…and my world was rattled on 9/11…on that day I felt an indescribable pain…a pain that started in my heart and took over my soul.  I also felt a strength, a desire for vengeance…

Today, I feel the same way…How can I not feel anger, hate towards those who embrace that religion?  I am conflicted…I don’t want to hate anyone…but how can I not…when they are hating on innocents.  How can they justify all the killing. How can you trust any of them? How in the hell, the killers family and close friends did not know what his ideals were? How can you trust any of them? How do we know they are not cells, infiltrated in our country to cause havoc, to make us fear.  They must be stupid…they can kill many of US…but, we as AMERICANS we fear NO TERRORIST.  Terror will not win…we will prevail…we will fight you back and we WILL protect our land, our FREEDOM. We WILL PREVAIL!!!!

I pray, I pray for the victims of the Orlando shooting.  I pray for all their families and friends. I pray that something is done…that our leaders can come up with actions…that they do not minimize what happened in Orlando, Florida.

-Please go donate blood at your local blood banks….

-Please pray for all the victims and their families…




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