Pray for South Carolina

Very tragic times for the Palmetto State. Sadly, South Carolina (SC), has been devastated by floods.  Joaquin managed to dump a lot of water in the Palmetto State resulting in floods throughout the state.  From Charleston to Columbia, the devastation is heart-breaking.  I lived in South Carolina for eight years, and although I was ready for a change, I made a lot of friends, whom I consider family, who are still living in the state.  I’ve checked on them, and they are OK, however after seeing the footage and the pictures shared on social media, I know that the road to recovery is going to be a long and slow process.

South Carolinians never ceased to impress me.  They care for each other, neighbor helping neighbors. Hardworking individuals trying to rescue and care for others. It’s impossible to remain untouched after such a tragedy.  All the historic sites destroyed, the roads that I drove every day destroyed, the houses under water, USC students pretty much stranded…I mean a total tragedy…let me not forget the ones that lost their lives.

I must say, that as much as I dislike Nikky Haley (for personal reasons), I am impressed by the way she has handled the situation. My hat goes out to her and her staff. Now, I hope that neighboring cities and states lend a helping hand in bringing South Carolina back to its normal beauty and charm.  There are many places taking donations for all those who lost all they had. Let’s help our neighbors and most important PRAY FOR SC!!!

Those are some of the picture friends from SC and news channels in SC have posted on social media.  I am sharing with you so you can get an idea of what those South Carolinians are dealing with. So a prayer and help is very much-needed for this wonderful state.

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