Pinteresting Wednesday

Spoken like a true Friend!: This one was funny, a few years ago I joined the weight watchers program with a skinny dear friend of fine…and I remember during one of the weigh-ins…I ended up taking my jeans off…yes…in front of all the other ladies!!! That is how desperate I was.

Fall Mason Jar Vases. DIY mantle Thanksgiving decorations. Easy to coordinate for Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day & themed birthday parties.:

My favorite time of the year


That, is exactly how I’ve been feeling lately!!!

The next best thing to your own private cycling studio.:

I love spinning, but hate the size of the seat…I wish they’ll make them a little wider!

Transitioning From Blonde to Red If your scared to go dark after being blonde all summer a good way is …:

My next hair color, once its long again.

"You can make many plans, but, the Lord's purpose will prevail." - Proverbs 19:21 FROM: Bible Quotes Part 11 by judith:

Amen to that!


Another way to say “Shut Up”! There's never a good enough reason to skip that run. This key chain will be a good reminder to the seasoned runner or those that are just starting out.:

Super mega like 🙂

And those my friends, were my picks for this pinteresting Wednesday.

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