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Todays favorite finds on Pinterest.


A very true statement. I remember an insignificant someone who, for some unknown reason, was always bringing my name up…and sadly it only made her look a lot smaller…insignificant…in someone’s eyes…I prevailed!!! Never underestimate the power of a real, unbreakable friendship!

Crafty finds for your inspiration! No. 8 | Just Imagine - Daily Dose of Creativity:

I should’ve done that when my kids were little, they were always in the backyard playing…such a clever idea!!!

The 25 Most Romantic Love Quotes You Will Ever Read. - Page 15 of 25 - I Love My LSI:

It’s all about how committed you are with a relationship, how much you want to compromise…and if your significant other wants the same journey you want.

whoa! LOVE!:


Elie Saab | Wedding Gown | Wedding Dress:


I love this outfit. I like how simple and classy it is. I LOVE how I could wear it at work or casually.:

Digging those peach colors…beautifully put together!


May make those tonight!!!

Barefoot sandals flowers Boho wrapped ankle Foot Jewelry by FiArt:

Would love those shoes!!!


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