Pink for Cancer Awareness and Purple for DV

Breast Cancer Awareness month free printables. Spread the word to bring awareness. It could save a life!: domestic violence ribbon | Black and Blue and PURPLE:

Hello y’all!!!! It’s October, the weather started cooling off, leaves continue to change colors, kitchen start smelling good with all the baking, but BEST OF ALL…It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

I am pretty sure we all know someone struggling with Cancer and we all know someone who has suffered domestic violence.  Let’s show them some support by wearing PINK for Cancer and Purple for Domestic Violence.

I lost my father and a lot of family (on my father’s side of the family) due to Cancer…and I say out loud FUCK CANCER!!!!  I also am very familiar with domestic violence, I have not been a victim…but I did work at a batters woman shelter in North Carolina. So, both causes are very dear to my heart.  

There are so many things we can do to help.  You can volunteer at a cancer center, you can help raise money, you can talk about it!!!  Encourage your family and friends, even strangers to get a mammogram, breast cancer can be cured if detected on time.  Show some support!!!

There are many DV shelters all over our Nation.  Find the one near you and donate, anything, from clothes, to money, toys, gift cards, food. When a woman and their children enter a DV shelter, they will miss the comforts they had at their home, they will struggle with their children because they miss what they already know as the normal. So, providing an environment that is comfortable, taking care of their wants and needs, providing support, brings them a little closer to staying away from the abuser.  There are so many ways to can help. Providing an open heart and a set of ears can be a way for those victims to begin the healing process. Be there…don’t ignore the signs. If someone you know is suffering from DV, don’t ignore the signs, offer help!  Tomorrow, it could be one of your own.

Let’s rock some Pink and Purple…for all those who are no longer with us, the ones that continue battling, for the ones that are scared and weak, for the survivors, for their families and friends. We got this!!! 

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