Pin-It Wednesday

You Make Me Happy Rain Cloud Print: Mom's favorite lullabye makes for a cute print for a child's room with Etsy shop Lily & Val's You Make Me Happy Rain Cloud Print ($29). The print has a true chalkboard feel to it with its erased look and rubbed design.

I sang that song to my little man when he was a baby, he is now 12, now we sing it together

Be Brave!

Sometimes we are scared to say goodbye to what we know…little do we know that there will be a new “hello” elsewhere….we just have to take that chance.

I am sorry for the things I said when it was winter

So cold in my neck of the woods, all kinds of things are coming out of my mouth…and they are not pretty…

I think this top is from The Pyramid Collection - one of my fave catalogs Bohemian

I love the BOHO style…so ready for SPRING

Click on image for details. Just imagine walking and jogging in these shoes ... These Nike Jogging shoes are simply beautiful :) Love the fresh color #womanrunningshoes

Now that I am working out, this seemed cute to me….


We all have “What ifs”….have you ever thought about that?

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