Perfect Weekend

This weekend was a really good, simple, baseball-filled weekend for me.  I totally loved every bit of it!

Let’s see…Friday…was baseball practice, it was an indoor practice because it was cold.  My catcher did great!  He has responded well to his new team, and although, it takes him longer than usual to warm up and open up to people…I noticed him getting closer and closer to becoming good friends with his team-mates.  He did great during practice.  The coach divided the players by their respective positions and all the drills were pertaining the position the actually play.  There are three catchers so…believe me…the boy was sore when he got home.  

Saturday, practice was early…and it was such a beautiful day…I even got sunburned!!!  It was a little windy at times, but the sun was out, the temperatures were in the 60’s…and the team actually practice outdoors, in a baseball field.  It was the first time, they were all together in the field.  It was time to bat…and when JJ got his turn…and he hit the first pitch…you could see, hear and feel the rest of the parents and players surprised…he hit that ball hard…and they were all impressed.  JJ had a little grin on his face…batting is one of the things JJ excel at…and he knows it.  He was proud…and so were we.  Another one of JJ’s strongest points is how well and fast he runs the bases.  Again, another grin on his face…when he realizes he is a good contributor to the team…that is when he knows he will fit in.  Practice was a success….the new coach is trying to correct JJ’s form when catching…and that does frustrate JJ…he knows that the coach is trying to make him better…he just struggle making the adjustments. He’ll be OK, he is so in love with the sport…he wants to make himself better…his next short-term goal is to make the high school baseball team.

Let’s see…after baseball…we went to the Academy to get JJ some new baseball shoes and some clothes.  Then Jason, JJ and I decided to have a late lunch, we settled with pizza. We ate, we talked, laughed and giggled.  Then it was time to head home.  We got home and we decided to start one of the movies we rented the night before.  We started watching Brad Pitt’s “Fury”, and we were soaked in…the movie was great!  We did not get a chance to finish the movie because Jason and I had a commitment with our princess.  We promised we’ll take her to a school play.  One of her new friends was in the play, so we went to the play to show some support.  It was fun!  We then headed home, finished the movie, and call it a night.

Today, Jason and JJ just left to baseball practice.  The practice is indoors this time…so I stayed home (yes, tons of laundry to do) and I figure the boys could have some bonding time. 

So, as you can see, the weekend was simply filled with family activities….and I loved every bit of it.  Before I left SC, one person told me…that she was tired of listening to my stories about things I do with my kids…she suggested that I make adult friends in MS…because I should not live just around  my kids.  I was a bit concerned about the comment…and it bothered me some…but I brushed it up.  After all, I have never struggle meeting people.  You see, I have the most fun around  my family, around my kids…anything else is secondary.  After this weekend, I am certain that I am doing what I was meant to do…be a mom, who loves to be around her children.  I would not trade that for anything in the world.  

That was my weekend….Did you have a good weekend?

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