It’s a Paparazzi Kind of Day

Recently, I found a fellow veteran online.  It was my first duty station staff sergeant she taught me a lot when I was a new soldier. Today, after serving 20+ years in the military she is an Independent Business Owner, she sells Paparazzi Accessories.  I was so happy to get connected with her again, that although I was skeptical about it, I decided to purchase some Paparazzi accessories.
Everything is just $5

I was just trying to help a friend out, I decided to accept the invite for an online Paparazzi Party.  It was so much fun, and the jewelry was selling so fast, I could not resist but to buy some.  Once the jewelry arrived, I was in shock, literally, I could not believe that $5.00 would buy me such beautiful pieces. I love shopping, and dressing casual but nice to go to work, and when I buy jewelry I usually go to JC Penney, Belk, Kohl’s, Target or Cato fashions…and the items I usually purchase a range in prices from $7.99 to 25.00. Now, I do like to shop, but I like a good deal, I don’t like spending money just for the heck of it.

After wearing the Paparazzi Jewelry, I decided to become an Independent Consultant myself. I want to share, first I must convince people, that this amazing jewelry is made with attention to detail, lead and nickel free, and very fashion forward.  The inventory continues to change often, and customers have the advantage to buy from home by visiting a consultant’s web store (ME), attending live FB parties, or simply sending me a private message 🙂

What’s the most important thing to know about Paparazzi?

It’s fabulous fashion for just $5. Every piece. Every day.

If that’s not enough, you’ll also be glad to know Paparazzi products are:

  • Lead-free and nickel-free
  • One-of-a-kind featuring original design, style, and feel
  • Always changing—buy it when you see it!
  • Designed in the U.S., made in China
  • Produced in facilities with elite standards and regulations for quality and labor
  • Available only through our Consultant

Why do you want to pay a lot of money for something you can have for just $5?  It’s fun, fabulous accessories for just five dollars! You want to but some beautiful jewelry?

Click on the link below and it will take you directly to my online store

If you have any questions about the products featured, please don’t hesitate to contact me here on my blog or you can also contact me via Facebook or Twitter, just click on the links below.


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Saludos queridos lectores, espero que la vida los este tratando bien.  Aca yo super feliz después de haber hablado por teléfono con mi amada madre. Terrible hija que soy, con todos los quehaceres que tengo a diario, cuando me acuerdo que tengo que llamar a mi madre hermosa es super tarde en la noche, y a esa hora ya no la quiero molestar. Pero esta mañana me decidí, y hablamos un ratito. Gracias a Dios ella esta bien de salud y estamos planificando un encuentro en Noviembre.

Este mes de Julio he estado sumamente ocupada, no tanto con el trabajo, pero con la vida personal. Mi esposo esta en viaje de negocios y se encuentra en México. Ya mi amiga le esta dando los toques finales a la celebración de 15 anos de una chica hermosa que es como si fuera mi hija, así que este sábado estaremos de fiesta. Entre las practicas de baile, ir a comprar el vestuario de mis chicos, ya que ambos van a ser parte de la quinceanera, estoy agotadisima. Gracias a Dios lo único que me falta es llevar a mi hijo a recortar!!!!

En Agosto, el único plan que tengo es asistir a un festival hispano a celebrarse en la capital de Carolina del Sur, Columbia. Nunca voy a esos festivales, pero este ano si quiero asistir. Sigo buscando cosas que hacer fuera de la casa, por que si estoy en casa lo único que hago es estar de vaga, ver televisión, y comer porquerías. El problema es que mi esposo tiene un trabajo tan estresante, que los fines de semana solo quiere descansar. Tomando en cuenta que ambos buscamos cosas diferentes los fines de semana, decidí que aunque sea solo un fin de semana saldremos de la casa a hacer algo.  De esa manera compartimos como pareja, mientras hacemos un poco de actividad física.  Seriamos solo nosotros, ya que nuestros hijos adolescentes piensan que somos unos viejos aburridos.

Todo lo demás sigue igual, los chicos disfrutando de sus ultimas semanas de vacaciones, yo sigo con mis cursos universitarios, mi perra Hermosa pues cada día mas bella, y siempre buscando la manera de convivir en armonía, buscando la manera de ser feliz, y trabajando mucho para tener un mejor futuro.


Latin Mama in the South


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Well, as you all know…

I started a new job, working with Lutheran Services Carolina with the Unaccompanied Children Transitional Foster Care Program.  Before I applied for the job, I did not take the time to think about the fact that children are crossing the border unaccompanied and undocumented.  Sadly, when those children are apprehended by immigration, they are placed in detention centers. To make a long story short, I wish everyone would take some time to think about the reasons children are making such a long, dangerous trip.

You can do a You Tube search, and you will learn a great deal about the reasons why the children are leaving their countries of origin, the journey they have to endure, and the consequences of their actions once they enter US soil. As Christians you should find it in your heart to at least say a prayer for this vulnerable children, victims of a cruel world.  There are plenty of ways you can help! You can volunteer your time and resources, you can become foster parents for this children, if you are an attorney you can volunteer your services to assist the children through the immigration process, etc.

Just to give you a rough idea…the children entering the states are coming from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador.  Most of them are fleeing violence, gang recruitment, and poverty.  Some of the unaccompanied children are being smuggled and trafficked, some are only 3-4 years old. The majority of those children just want a chance at a descent education, and better future, perhaps a hug and some love.  So, before you judge, and accuse, and point fingers, remember we are all humans, we all make mistakes, and we all deserve to live in peace and have a way to take care of our basic needs.  I am pretty sure that, at least, you can spare a few minutes of your day and say a heart-felt prayer for all those kids…who are placed in detention centers throughout the states…I am pretty sure you all can spread the word, that there is a need for foster parents for this children pro-bono legal representation, and lots of prayer for all.

Click on the link below, it requires one minute, 45 seconds of your day…


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