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Southport NC

Who knew that after a little bit over a year of being a stay-at-home mom going back to work was going to be so challenging! Challenging in the sense that I do not have extra time to do the things I used to do before.  Things are going great! Kids are becoming more independent by the day, the girl has her driver’s license and she has a car-now all she needs is a job!

We just came back from our vacation at the beach, our destination was, once again, Oak Island in North Carolina and we enjoyed it.  I think that it was the kid’s favorite vacation thus far.  They were able to have some friends with them and they created many super cool memories, it was drama free, and in all honestly it was really good to have all the kids together (well, almost all of them…there were two missing (Devany and Skylar), but maybe one day we can have them all.

We were able to bring Janie’s bestie from Mississippi…it was a surprise for the girl, for her 16th birthday and trust me when I say…it was the best surprise ever.  Mikayla and Janie are two peas in a pod, they are so alike is ridiculous, so they are stuck together like glue every minute of every day since Mikayla’s arrival.  Sadly, she has to go back home this coming Saturday. But, we are more than thankful to Mikayla’s parents for allowing the big surprise to happen and for allowing Mikayla to flight to South Carolina. I will forever be thankful to them!

Now, we have one week left before the big summer event, Devany’s Quinceanera!!!!  So, once the celebration is over we have to start getting ready to go back to school.  This year will be the 1st year that Janie is driving to school (adult-ing) and I am happy and a bit scared about it. I just have to trust my amazing God that He will always look after my kids and protect them from any harm.

J and I are craving an alone getaway…maybe one day…maybe sooner than later, who knows.  Just a few days to unwind and enjoy quiet time.  Once you reach a certain age, you crave quite…and that is exactly what we want. So, soon…coming soon 🙂

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Happy 4th of July

July 4th, 2017…fireworks, grilling, family and…a surprise for my baby girl. In exactly 10 days, my princess will celebrate her 16th birthday.  Today, she received Part 1 of her present…she received a car!!!!  We bought her a Volkswagen, a Bettle to be exact.  We like the fact that is a small car (that way there is not much space for her friends to ride with her, too many teenagers spells trouble!), cheap on gas, and easier to park.

I’ve been blessed with a responsible daughter, not perfect, but pretty good for her age! I am very blessed to have the resources to buy her a car, now the task is to find her a job so she can contribute to her insurance and vehicle expenses. “Adulting” can be a lot of fun, and if one takes the time to teach them at a young age to prioritize, to be responsible, and to save money…the kids should have a pretty good start at it.

I am very blessed to have had the resources to buy her a car, now the task is to find her a job so she can contribute to her insurance and vehicle expenses. “Adulting” can be a lot of fun, and if one takes the time to teach them at a young age to prioritize, to be responsible, and to save money…the kids should have a pretty good start at it.

So, South Carolinians be on the look out…new driver on the road 🙂



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It’s been a while…

It’s been a while since I share my life with you, my amazing readers.  Where to start!!!  Well, I finally landed a job, after staying home for a little over a year, I am finally a full-time employee.  How does it feel to be back at work? Well, to be completely honest, I have mixed emotions.  I miss having all the time in the world to have my house clean, miss my dog horribly, and I miss having dinner ready when hubs get home from work (now he gets home before me).  I do enjoy being away from the home, meeting new people, and the perks of having a paycheck.

The job itself will be challenging, at least emotionally, but someone has to do it!  I am currently employed at Lutheran Services Carolina, the transitional foster care program as a Case Manager for the Unaccompanied Alien Children in Columbia, SC. The program is fairly new, and we have a really good staff, eager to start receiving/working with the children.  It’s a new adventure for sure, and as always, I will do my best to help those innocent, vulnerable children.

Another biggie in the house is that my gorgeous daughter got her driver’s license this past week, and we are super happy for her.  She is also having a birthday soon and I cannot wait to see her face when she receives her birthday gifts. We also just celebrated my handsome son’s 15th birthday and we were thrilled to see his face when he opened his presents.

Today we are looking forward our vacation, coming up next week, we are heading back to Oak Island, NC.  We are taking some of the kids’ friends with us, so we are going to have a full house.  It’s a bit frightening when you start thinking about all the breakfasts, lunches, and dinners this mama is going to have to prepare…that is why I rather wing it and don’t think about it!

I also start my next 11 weeks of school, this time around I settled with just one class.  I have six classes left to complete my Masters in Human Resources Management, and so far my GPA is a 4.0.  I am hoping I can maintain that GPA, but I would be lying if I tell you that it’s easy…it’s hard, time-consuming, and very stressful.

One more week and this family will be on vacation!!! Cannot wait to feel the ocean breeze caressing my skin!!!


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