Simplicity of Life


Today is Monday…a very cold Monday in Camden, South Carolina. Today promises to be a very busy day.  Between work and the kids schedule I would not have my “me time”.

Once I realized that the day was going to be so crazy, I stopped myself from becoming overhelm.  I took a deep breath and I took myself to a past happy moment. I allowed myself a few minutes of calmness.  That made me feel much better.

I guess it’s call meditation I call it “me time” and I so need that!!! So, now I am ready to continue with my busy scheduled.

Happy Monday ya’ll!


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Almost 14 years ago…it seems like yesterday

1999…November 11…the day I said goodbye to Puerto Rico.  I remember the day…in a few hours I was scheduled to arrived at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma.  A new member of the United States Army.  It was the 1st time I flew.  I was scared and excited, it was like 10 of us… 10 Puerto Ricans full of dreams.  The flight was un eventful.  The adventure began when I excited the plane, gathered my few belonging and got into the bus.  The bus…it was cold…the bus started heading to Ft.Sill and all of the sudden a sudden stop.  I was like, what the heck!  It was a deer…it was the first time I had seen a deer…right there in front of the bus…man was I amazed!

We arrived on post late at night.  We walked towards the barracks and we could hear some chatter.  The drill sgt was so upset…she screamed…and all of the sudden…a stamped of soldiers was standing outside…well, they wanted to be nosy and they got caught.  I was scared beyond belief.  You see, I did not know what to expect.  After all we dont have an ARMY in Puerto Rico.  All I knew about the ARMY, I learned from others or from TV. Needless to say that the whole company was SMOKED that night.

Finally we made it inside the barracks and that was when my amazing journey began.  Being a soldier was the most rewarding expericence of my life.  I learned to be responsible, punctual, respectful and I learned how to put others ahead of me.  Because when I was in the service, it was a brotherhood, there was nothing  I wouldn’t do for my fellow soldiers.  I made amazing friendships.  I married my husband. The ARMY finished forming the woman I am today.  Today I was thinking about that day…maybe because in a few days it will be my 14th year in the US.  Loved being a soldier…but I love being a mother more 🙂

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Beautiful Colors


Oh my Maple Tree…

I am so in love with my Maple Tree 🙂  I love the yellow colors, the orange, the reds…the sky is so blue…the wind is blowing some yet is not cold. I have a feeling that at the end of the week…my maple tree is going to be totally naked then I will wait till Spring to start seeing the leafs come back to my gorgeous Maple Tree.



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