You don't have to agree with everything i say, but i do expect you to know that i have my own view of opinions: IMG_5978

Lately I’ve been reading some blogs, watching some news, reading the newspaper and actually being a little more observant.  I noticed that although I mind my business I secretly had an opinion about a lot of things, good and bad,so here I am writing about it before I give in to my crazy weekend ahead.

Donald Trump-OMG!!! My feelings i.e. opinion about him…cannot be listed in here…it’s XXX, I can at least say he is an ignorant individual who has no respect for human life, only he matters and I totally hate him. I think that is enough space on that asshole.

SC Gamecocks-I have faith things are shaping for the best, new coach, recruiting, a very much needed fresh air. 

Muslims-I have never understood the faith, but to each it owns. I don’t hate but I am guarded.

Christmas-not the same when you have teenagers, it was more fun when the kids were young and all you had to buy was toys, now that they are older is a lot more expensive, exhausting, scary….and yeah, you never know if they are going to like what they got.

Mom-I miss you, I worry about you, now that you are alone I so wish I could be there with you.

Baseball-Wow, super expensive…insane…$40.00 for a 30 minute private lesson, $1200.00 for Spring Season, not counting the other expenses…that only covers a portion for the boy, that gets him into the field, that’s about it. But, I love my baseball player!

Communication-Getting so much better between my mini-me and I, for that I feel blessed.

SC-Staying in touch with some special friends bring a smile to my face, knowing that they are doing great, makes my smile bigger. Cannot wait to see them and hug them tight.

MS- still not falling in love…

House-So beautiful but having a hard time keeping it tidy and that makes me angry.

Health-well, after a health scare now taking a break, still have some things pending but those things are manageable…I can say…blessed.

Memphis- A lot of crime, is like a big turn off for me. I don’t do crowds, or dangerous places, I have no tolerance for bullshit and I may find myself in the wrong place at the wrong time arguing about something stupid…nah…only go there to work.

San Bernardino-Sad, speechless, disappointed with the human race and what we have become…

Guns- I will get my WCP, no doubt, and I will carry. Getting familiar with the requirements in MS.

Stupidity-My nemesis, I cannot stand stupid people, Donald Trump is at top of my  list of stupid people. Sadly, I deal with stupid people on a daily basis…sad.

Drinking-I drink, very seldom, but to get drunk to the point of not remembering what happen, and on top of that you are a parent, shame on you…shame on you.

Well, that is my opinion about certain things I have strong opinions on…read away…

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