One of my passions is to cook…

I grew up in a home filled with love and laughter, not a perfect place, but it was my little Heaven.  My lovely mom was/is not a cooking mama.  She worked hard all her life and raised three amazing humans, but the kitchen is not something she enjoyed.  I was curious, and one day I decided to cook and my daddy loved what I cook.

Cooking makes me happy, it relaxes me, and it helps me feed my family. Seating at the dinner table has been one of my greatest achievements as a mom, we eat together, as much as possible. Now, the kids are teenagers and they both have things to do that, at times, keep them away from home when is time to eat. But, they know, if they are home, that we are eating together as a family.

Long story short, my cooking is a fusion of Puertorrican food, Mexican flavors, and Southern Goodness!  Yes, I cook whatever I want and yes I combine those three elements when I am creating in the kitchen. I also like shortcuts, and do not like to make things more complicated than they have to be!

I decided to create a Facebook page to share my recipes, photos, and tips on what I create in the kitchen. I decided to share the link to my Facebook page with you all, in case you are curious about what takes place in my kitchen.


Latin Mama in the South 17097533_1277517468990854_4643047390701414926_o

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