Oh, let’s get this “PARTY” started…

When planning a move the more organized you are during the process the more smoother it will go. There are many steps you can take to reduce your stress level and the chaos that typically is part of any move.

Who knows what their final destination is going to be?

We have an idea of what our normal is supposed to be, then life happens, and your normal start disappearing in front of your eyes…and there is no stopping it…not even to catch your breath. When we bought our home in 2007, we looked at each other and we said “last time”…we were referring to the “moving ordeal”.

This looks great, but on a side of the box, list contents. Lots of things go in a kitchen. Do you really want to unpack five boxes of dishes and cook books before finding the silverware?

This time is a little bit different, well a lot different, because we have a moving company who is supposed to do all the dirty work. Well, I am somewhat picky about allowing a moving company to pack my stuff. The last time I let a moving company pack our stuff, it was not a good experience. This time, I figure, I can at least boxed the stuff, my way, and then the movers can pick it up and transport to the new destination.

Follow These Steps to Rent a Moving Truck | ApartmentGuide.com

So, I go online, U-Haul, looking for boxes, and although the prices are not bad, when you think about it…it’s just a dang box! I know grocery stores and other retailers get rid of their boxes by placing them in their respective dumpsters. So, here I seat thinking about going dumpster diving for boxes. I need to at least give it a try. Free boxes…Why not? I have to at least try it once 

Moving 101: Easy Ways to Make the Most of Any Move

I want to start packing a little every day; between our busy schedules we really do not have the time to just wait for the last week to rush everything. I know my daughter can start packing her collection of books. JJ can, well JJ can be just JJ…he really does not want to take half of his stuff…and I am OK with that. Me, well…I have so much stuff…between the kitchen and my closet…I can probably fill up 20 boxes…I should be ashamed…but I am not…I like to cook and I like clothes, shoes, pocket book, accessories, anything girly 
Smart solutions for planning a stress-free move. Plus, tips for sprucing up your new home....just in case I ever need it. Moving tip--Packed my spices in gallon size bags. One of my better ideas this move.  Visit www.movinghelpcenter.com to get 15% Off Budget Truck Rental, $50 Off Portable Storage Rental or 5% Off Local Move and Storage through Pack Rat. Best way to pack clothes for a move... still on the hanger, in a garbage bag! MUST REMEMBER THIS!

Then we have the building and the attic…and I have to help the hubby as much as I can. He is the one carrying all the stress and I sure as heck do not like that. So, I will hire my kids…yes, I said hire…because if the know they are getting paid, they will do as I ask.
How to minimize the stress of moving house.  When it comes time to move to a new home, there are scores of points and details to cover, many of which result in a heightened level of stress, but it is possible to minimize the stress of moving house. http://www.featheringtheemptynest.com/how-to-minimize-the-stress-of-moving-house/

This weekend we will play baseball, enjoy the company of my brother and sister -in-law, and start the packing process. I will take pictures as we go, after all, this is where our new adventure starts…more to come…

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